Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Not Too Proud to Beg

My birthday is coming up! Yay!

I bet you've been wondering what you can get me. You wouldn't believe how many emails I've gotten asking that exact thing! Well, wonder no more! I have the answer....

As you may know, this year's birthday activity is The Oyster Urban Adventure Race in Denver. It's a team event and involves running, biking and various surprise urban adventures. It's a strategy type race that will make teams run-bike-paddle-climb- and perform other crazy athletic stuff in a race around the city, while answering clues and completing tasks.

Since my teammates (Christy and Kiri) are awesomely smart and athletic, we have a chance of doing really well in this race! However, we need more help. And this is where the blog post title comes in.

The race is a fundraiser for the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Each team is responsible for at least a $100 donation in addition to the entry fee. $100? you say. No big deal, right? Maybe not...but what I really want is $300! Or better yet, $500! For $300, we can "buy" a course clue. At $500 we can "buy" another course clue. And despite the fact that we are awesomely smart and athletic, WE NEED THESE CLUES! If we raise even more we can "buy" teammate byes, where one teammate can sit out on a task. This could come in really handy if, for example, I'm asked to hit a volleyball or catch a baseball. We'd be there all day before that would happen!

Won't you pretty please support my ultra-competitive nature and donate to this awesome cause?? (Ok, Ok, we all know the cause is completely secondary to my competitive nature!) I don't even care how tiny your donation is. For example, if you were thinking about sending me a card for my birthday, forget that and donate the $3 to the "Buy Jill A Race Clue" fund instead. If you were going to take me out for dinner or make me cookies or buy me candy or whatever...nix that idea and put the $10 toward the "A Winning Jill Is A Happy Jill" fund. Or, if you really, really like me, you can donate $25, $50, $100 or more to the "Its Only Fun If I Win" fund.

And if you don't even know me, other than in cyberspace via A Little Diamond, don't go thinking you are exempt! Maybe it's time that you start paying for your entertainment. Surely, if you've wasted a few minutes of work time more than once on my blog, it's gotta be worth a dollar or two to you, right?? :)

By now, I'm sure you're wondering how exactly you go about donating to the "Buy Jill's Continued Friendship" fund. It's easy...just follow these simple steps:
1) Go to this website:
2) Click on "Donate to a Team"
3) Enter the pertinent info:
Race City = Denver
Team Name = Storming the Castle
Whole Team or Individual = It doesn't matter. We are all one and the same! Unless you want to make a point that you like Kiri or Christy more than you like me...
4) Fill in your personal info, your donation amount and your credit card info
5) Bask in the glow of knowing that you made me happy and that you are on my Super-Cool Preferred Friend List.

The race is Saturday, August 15th. All donations need to be in by August 14th at 4pm. might as well click the link now and do the donatin' thing before you forget!

If you'd rather just hand over some cash to me the next time you see me, that is cool, too. I promise I won't use it to buy candy.

If you want to forward this on to your friends and family, that would be awesome!!

Thanks! You're the best!

Your not too proud to beg friend,

(Disclaimer: I know times are bad, the economy is down, no one has any money...and therefore, I will still be your friend even if you don't donate to my race.)

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2halves said...

OK, I have to admit that I totally don't get people who run for fun. I really don't get people who travel to other states to run for fun. Alas, I must be supportive of fellow bloggers and dog lovers regardless of how insane they appear to be. Plus, such a great cause, right?

I hope my little donation helps on your road to victory. I'll be cheering you guys on from my couch.

Good luck!