Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another Special Birthday

Today we continue the madness of birthday August by celebrating a very momentous day.

My NFBF is 40 years old!!! I looked and looked for just the right picture to go with this post, but decided to go picture-less, seeing as I would just be blurring out his face anyway. :)

Steven got a paintball party. Pat got a whole flippin' cruise! Christy and I are planning a trip to New Zealand in two years for our 40th's. What are we doing to celebrate such a momentous day? We must be doing something great to honor such a great best friend, right?


NFBF is being obstinate. (No one does obstinate better than my best friend!) He says he doesn't want anything for his birthday and he doesn't want to do anything, either. He doesn't want to play games, he doesn't want to go on a trip. He says he went on a cruise and that he's going to Denver. But that's just stealing Pat's b-day and my b-day parties in an effort to get us to shut up. We want to celebrate with him in the way that he wants to celebrate...but he's not talking.

I love my stubborn friend! Even when he's being stubborn. :) My NFBF is the best!!! He has been a constant in my life for 17 years (I think it's 17...NFBF, is that correct??). He has made every day of each of those years better just by being in my life.

Happy birthday, NFBF!!

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Elaine said...

NFBF- WTF? I texted. We left a message. Steven wants to play games! I thought you wanted to prepare an adventure race? Let's do it!