Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I know I haven't posted anything in a while. This is because my brain is empty. Completely empty. I've been stressed and grumpy and preoccupied lately. I think about things I could/should post but then I dismiss them because I really don't have anything of substance to say. I am a classic case of BLAH.

But because I feel completely guilty, here are some mini-updates to keep you mini-ly updated.

  • We still have Chico. He was neutered, had lots of teeth extracted, had his cherry eye fixed and his hernia removed...all at once. Lots of procedures for a 7 pound dog. His eye doesn't want to heal, so we are keeping him a bit longer than planned, giving him drops and enjoying his company. The shocking news is that he has stopped humping! I've always thought that by middle age a humping dog would not be affected by neutering because humping has become a habit as much as an urge. But I guess I was wrong. Frankie is happy about that.
  • Pat's hockey team is so good that they have been kicked out of the C league and moved up to the B league. And this happened even before playoffs! The championship game is this Saturday. I think it will be funny if they lose. Will the other team have to move up the B league instead then?
  • Our roller hockey season is over. Thank god. It was fun to play again with the old team...but damn....roller really sucks after making the switch to ice. If I ever play hockey again, it will only be on ice.
  • My birthday sucked. My birthday weekend (the Oyster Race, see post below) was good, but the actual day really blew.
  • My work is the most stressful place to work right now. I won't go into the full specifics but I will say it's not the job or the work itself that is stressful.
  • I haven't won the lottery yet. And I really want to. Why isn't a great degree of wanting ever enough?? Jeez.
  • I looked at the agility trial schedule and it appears that I have something already planned for every trial weekend this fall...stuff like my sister's wedding and a trip to New Orleans (see below). Ergh. Frankie won't compete again until December or January.
  • Christy and I have decided to compete in the Championships of the Great Urban Race that we qualified for in the Phoenix race (read about it here). The event is November 7th in New Orleans. Anyone out there know much about New Orleans? Feel free to pepper me with your knowledge.
  • I returned the Blackberry Storm. I gave it three weeks and I hated it as much at the end as I did at the beginning. I'm pleased to say that the nice guy at the Verizon store took it back with no hassle. I dropped it twice in those three weeks and it looked a bit beat up.
That's it. It's past midnight now. I need to go to sleep. (But I don't want to...cuz once you go to sleep, the next thing you're awake and you have to go to work again. And that is depressing.)


Lemonade - An Event Company said...

chin up, yo!

is this all about me not eating lunch anymore? i bet it is. i'm pretty cool to be around.

the word verification word was: tured. turd. hee.

Anonymous said...

My verification word was prews.
Like peruse. Like what I do at
Thank you for the mini updates.
Was getting worried.
Are the clock people in Denver related to that NFBF guy?

Joe said...

Jill being "blah" is like the sun not shining......hmmmm I guess the sun doesn't shine all the time even in I guess it's ok - I hope your clouds clear up and you get SUNNY again!