Friday, September 11, 2009

Give Me a Moose!

"Give me a Moose!"

Another party for us party people. The occasion: Steven's birthday coupled with Pat's championship hockey game. And yes...this took place a couple weeks ago.

First we went to some German place to eat German food cuz Steven likes his wursts, the ol' Oomp-pa-pa of the polka music and being surrounded by friends. The wursts and the friends were good but the Oomp-pa-pa gave me a headache. Way too loud for my old age. And no matter what decibel, the chicken dance should only be heard once a year at most, right? Twice a night is definitely too much!

The dinner had to be modified a bit to accommodate Pat and Bill's game, but with the slight variation on time, Steven got 100% turnout.

Steven and his lovely bride, Elaine:
Best friend Pat and me:
The Fabig's (sans the Fa-Little's):
Rounding out Travel Troupe with the NFBF and his lovely bride:Bill and Michelle:And the Alexander clan:
And after dinner, we ALL went to watch Mooseknuckle win the championship! Pat's hockey team wins every game. Weeks before the end of the season they were notified that they were being kicked out of the C League for the following season because they were just too good. So, obviously, the championship game was in the bag, right?

And with crazy loud fans like these:
there was no way they could lose. I have to say that my NFBF is the best cheer leader ever. He started all our chants and our cheers. We yelled and screamed along with him. We teased the players in the penalty boxes ("Hey friend. Would you like a skittle?").
We were having a blast. But Mooseknuckle just couldn't score. We fell behind. NFBF got us all aboard the Come Back Express (whoot! whoot!) but the train never did make it to the destination. Derailed. Mooseknuckle lost. Boo.

And they still have to move up a division next season! :)

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Elaine said...

Thanks to all the Steven fans for making it to dinner. Thanks to the NFBF for busting my eardrums. (I kid! It was just funny cause I've never seen that side of you!) And thanks to the facility for reminding me what it feels like to be cold; even if it's just for an hour or so.

My husband is a hottie.