Sunday, November 22, 2009

Her Name Was Lola...II

The Fabig's had their annual Casino Night last week. If you recall from last year's casino night, you will remember that every Las Vegas style casino party needs a showgirl:
And new this year, every Las Vegas needs an Elvis (played fabulously by NFBF):
And an Urban Cowboy:
And men in tuxes...
Rat-pack style:
Classic style (with a real bow-tie tied on the first try!):

Oh...and some casino games!
$2500 was raised for Project Cure!

There was a raffle at the end of the night for some good prizes. Kiri won the Massage Envy gift certificate. I put almost all my tickets in to win the bike AND I won...oh...nothing. Though if there was a prize for Most New People, I would have won - I brought 7 new people to the party! More dinero for Project Cure!!

1 comment:

Kiri said...

How much did you hate the guy who won, like, six prizes???