Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Anniversary Pictures

It is our anniversary tradition to return to Heritage Square where we got married and take pictures. My favorite pet boy, Jamie, joined us about halfway through to take over tripod duties. These are some of my favorites of this year's session.

This is when Jamie joined us. Pat broke his pose to give Jamie a big wave.
As part of the tradition, we try to wear something that represents our previous year together. Last year we brought our wakeboards, the year I made the Coyotes Pack we wore Coyotes jerseys, etc. This year we celebrated the little things that drive us nuts about each other. I'm driven nuts by the fact that Pat bought cowboy boots. And likes them. And wears them. Ugh. Pat is driven nuts by my incessant soccer schedule. He thinks seven games a week is excessive when I could be spending more time with him. I say that he can come play soccer if he wants to see me more often. This is the Rosson House. We weren't actually married in the house since that would have cut down our attendance from 150 to 15, but it sure is cute!
After the photo session we went to see a movie with Pet Boy Jamie and our friends, Steven (Pat's best man) and Elaine. I don't see many movies at the theaters so this was extra fun. We saw Burn After Reading. Loved it. And this is our anniversary present (and Christmas present and birthday present) to each other:


Anonymous said...

you guys are so flippin' cute ... it actually makes me want to get married :) and, you might kill me for this, but I really LIKE Pat's cowboy boots!!

Lemonade - An Event Company said...

pat is hot.

Elaine said...

I'm curious that you bought a huge tv when neither of you are ever home to watch...but hanging out with Pat and Jill is now on my Disco Friday itinerary. Let's try to break bread on a regular basis. LOVE the pictures. Maybe we could invite the Cookies? But don't let Mrs. Cookie sit too close to Pat.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! You guys are adorable. Love your tradition.