Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Photos from Pinetop

After the agility trial, Pat and I stayed in Pinetop on Sunday night with a plan to go hiking on Monday. Neither of us felt much like hiking since everything was so wet - most annoyingly our shoes and every pair of socks we packed - which for me was EIGHT pairs! For three days! I'm telling you it rained A LOT. Instead, Pat and I drove around the White Mountains area and took in the views of some lakes, the ski mountain and an old, burned out lumber mill. Here is what we saw:

It was all quite beautiful, well except for that very creepy doll with the blanket and stuffed animal in a high chair in the abandoned warehouse - that was just weird. But the best sight I saw that day was this, indicating that I had happily returned to the very welcomed hot, hot Phoenix weather:

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Lemonade - An Event Company said...

You are becoming quite the photographer! These are great! Want to see the creepy doll though.