Saturday, September 27, 2008

Taking A Vacation

Travel Troupe leaves tomorrow morning for a week in Brazil. I'm looking forward to seeing a soccer game, going to the beach (even if it's raining), eating lots of meat and most importantly - spending lots of time with my friends. I'm even looking forward to the plane rides - I really need a nap! The break from work will be nice, too.

I am sad to be leaving Frankie, Georgie and Al behind. Frankie and Georgie are going to spend the week playing with their friend, Gia, so hopefully they won't miss me too much. Al will be moping around the house with no one but our roommate to keep him company. Poor kitty.

History of Travel Troupe:

Paris- 2004

Costa Rica - 2006

London - 2007

Stay tuned for lots of Brazil 2008. Have a great week!

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