Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Black Heart

I am annoyed by children in the office. I know that some people (those whose hearts aren't black) are happy to see little tykes waddling down the halls and toddling around their daddies' offices. I, however, am distracted, annoyed and given to fits of outraged disgust at the mere presence of those little fingers and snotty noses. There can be all sorts of office noise going on - printers, phone calls, chatting secretaries, elevators dinging, etc, etc and the one noise that will rise above all to grate on my nerves is the ga-ga-goo-goo of a baby. Today there were two of them. Granted they were a happy duo which is better than a wailing singlet, but god help me - I just wanted to grab them from their mommy, put them in the elevator and hit "Lobby". Bye, bye babies.

Perhaps if they would let me bring my dogs to work, I wouldn't be so cynical about them bringing their children to work.


Lemonade - An Event Company said...

so you never answered my question yesterday...did you want to babysit?

Anonymous said...

I too hate it when kids show up at my place of work! Although...I should have thought of that BEFORE I became a teacher.

Vickie said...

You're awesome!!! I too hate it when the attorneys bring in their kids -- and let them run up and down the halls. And then even worse -- some secretaries just go on and on about how precious those kids are. Or when everyone goes wild over a baby that is obviously very ugly. Man -- I can go on and on on your rant too! I better stop now! :)