Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Cookies!

I'm a little late on this, so work with me here and pretend that it is October 14th.
Happy first anniversary to my good friends, Brian and Nicole Cook. You are truly wonderful people and I'm so happy you decided that you were meant for more than friendship! Nicole, you were the most lovely bride - thank you for letting me be a part of your day! Brian, thank you for agreeing to Nicole's plan to come back to Phoenix. I missed her a lot when she was in NYC. You also have a lovely family - Ava and Violet are lucky to have you for parents.

I celebrated an anniversary, too - the anniversary of my last haircut. Last October 14th, I went with Nicole's mom to Ulta before the wedding to get my hair cut and styled. It was the worst cut and style EVER. I didn't have time to make the haircut girl (I hesitate to call her a stylist) do it over and I certainly didn't have the confidence that even if she tried again that she could be successful. So, after leaving the salon I went to the hair accessory aisle and bought some of everything - headbands, clippies, barrettes and bobby pins with rhinestones. As soon as I got to the wedding venue, I stuck my head in the sink and restyled my hair the only way I know how - which is literally to stick in some bobby pins, then cross my fingers and make a wish. I'm sorry that I didn't think to take a picture of the original monstrosity, but here is a picture of the best you can hope for from bobby pins and wish-making.
This October 14th, I was coerced by my coworker, Laura, to get a spray tan. I was terrified of the whole thing. Laura mocked me for being scared of a spray tan when I'm not scared to jump off a cliff with only a flimsy kite to save me. Yeah, but if I fail at hang-gliding, I wouldn't have to deal with the aftermath since I'd be dead and all. But if I completely make a mess of spray tanning, I'll have to live with orange zebra skin for who knows how long. Here I am afterwards - I didn't mess it up completely and I didn't die. I also don't look any tanner here because the spray takes 4-6 hours to show up. But I digress -- See how long my hair grew in exactly one year?


Elaine said...

I have that big blue ball. You can do a lot with those. It's one of the staples for my workouts with Elizabeth. I can't beleive you haven't cut your hair in a year. That's impressive and insane. Are you going long again? You are cute enough to do anything you chose, and pull off a bad 'do. And I agree with everything you stated regarding the Cookies. Too gorgeous for words.

Elaine said... I didn't mean anything twisted about blue balls. It just so happened.

Lemonade - An Event Company said...

Awww, thanks! There is my fame, live on the world wide web.