Sunday, October 12, 2008

We Stormed the Castle!!!

Alternate Post Title: Excitement May Cause the Overuse of Exclamation Points

Remember the Gilmore Adventure Race that Irene and I competed in last month? Our goal for the race was to not come in last. We knew we met that goal because we saw teams finish after us. Not a lot of teams, mind you, but some - so we were happy. After this year's learning experience we decided it would be a fair goal for next year to finish in the top half.

Well, the final race results have been posted and we're going to have to modify our next year's goal -- SINCE WE FINISHED IN THE TOP HALF THIS YEAR!!! Woo hoo!!! We came in 17th out of 42 teams. 17th!!! That is so frickin' amazing!!!

Storming the Castle rocked that race!!! Ok- we didn't actually rock it all that much because in the main portion of the race we came in 28th of 42 teams. But then 11 teams were wusses and didn't go collect bonus points after they finished the race, so our one little bonus point moved us up 11 spots. To 17th place!!! 17th out of 42!!! Not bad for a pair of neophytes.

Before anyone gets crazy ideas in their heads that our new goal should be to win the race, I'd like to point out that the fastest team in the short course finished the main portion of the race at 11:53 am. We finished an hour and a half later at 1:23 pm. Oy, that's kind of embarrassing. I don't think a full year of training will prepare us to be able to compete against that team - especially since I don't even want to see a bike again until next September!!

(Did I mention that we got 17th place?!! Out of 42 teams!! Yippee!!)


Anonymous said...

WHOA! You TOTALLY stormed the castle BIG TIME -- next time, go for TOP 10....TOP 5!!!!

OH -- Re: Skydiving -- I think the skydiving championships are this weekend in some city between PHoenix & Tucson!!!

- Grace

P.S. Thought of you when we were lucky enough to catch Amazing Race last week!!!

Vickie said...

Way to go!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!! (I can use more exclamation points than you can!!!!!!!!)