Monday, November 24, 2008

Gettin' Cultured in a petri dish

Pat and I probably don't spend as much time together as we should. I submit this conversation as evidence:

Me: Pat, I would like to cancel dinner with our friends tonight because I was given tickets to the Coyotes game.
Pat: Am I invited to the game?

Aw, Poor Pat. And in case there is doubt from you...yes, I took Pat to the game. Then I also set aside a "date day" and told Pat the day was completely his to do whatever he wanted. Happily he chose to spend the day with me. I figured he'd want to go out in the Jeep, but instead he wanted to get us some culture by visiting the Phoenix Art Museum.Now we are cultured. I'm actually super-cultured because I also went to the Tucson Art Museum in the same week.

Tangent Story: After the museum we went to Tempe Marketplace to meet Pat's parents for lunch. We got there a little early so we walked around a bit. While walking towards the shops there was a teenage girl walking toward us who looked strikingly like our friend, Elaine. Lo and behold (Tangent in a tangent: I wonder why we say "lo and behold" instead of "look and see"?), it actually was our friend Elaine out looking like an 18-year-old hottie in her workout clothes. Perhaps the fountain of youth can be found in hiring a personal trainer to come to your house. Will someone else try that and let me know before I go investing all that money?


Anonymous said...

Reply to tangent in a tangent:
"Look and see" or even "take a gander" would work much better .
I have it on good authority that "lo and behold" is actually crude old english slang for a "happy ending". Pretty clever. In one cathchy statement you provide the location and the task.
Long live the Queen! -NFBF

L said...

How did you take pictures at the Art Museum? There was some sculpture that turned reflections upside down. I took a picture of jme and I upside down in the statue and we were scolded by a security guard.

Elaine said...

Side bar from the teenage girl, having gotten married at said museum, the rules are, "No pictures of the art!" But you can take pictures of you, as long as the focus isn't the art. But still, they don't really like it. Depends on the security guard!

Elaine said...

Also, I wormed my way into your aniversary I managed to creep into your date day! Perhaps I'm too close to Pat and Jill? But I just can't stay away!!!