Monday, January 26, 2009

The Ubiquitous "25 Random Things"

Kinda like the email chain that goes around every year with 25 questions, this is a facebook chain currently going around. It's as contagious as mono. If you're reading this, consider yourself tagged to post your own random list on your blog or send me an email (via my profile) - even if you don't know me, I'd still love to hear 25 random things about you. Who knows? Maybe we'll become BFFs and I can be a bridesmaid in your wedding.

1. I don't like pasta. Yes, I know that you've never met anyone that doesn't like pasta before.
2. I once told Ashley Judd that her thong was not appropriate and she should go put on some shorts. (She did.)
3. I have gone more than 5 days without showering ... and I was not camping at the time.
4. I cannot catch a ball.
5. I have not kissed a girl.
6. I once kissed a boy named Tilly.
7. When I was little I wanted to be a Solid Gold Dancer. I still harbor a small grudge that my mom never signed me up for dance classes.
8. I love Arizona in the summer. Heat is my friend.
9. I am tone deaf. This does not stop me from singing.
10. I lived in Iowa until I was a sophomore in high school.
11. I was afraid to drive and didn't even get my learner's permit until after I turned 16.
12. With the exception of one 6 month period, I have not lived more than a mile from Christy in 16 years.
13. I feel guilty that I don't spend enough time with my dogs.
14. I have never broken a bone.
15. Pickles are my enemy. They are the spawn of evil.
16. I don't like the rule that end punctuation should be within quotation marks, especially if what is being quoted is only a section of a sentence. I break this rule on purpose.
17. I called my mom crying after my first college Spanish class.
18. I was an awesome waitress.
19. My dream job is to be a mascot.
20. I like maple syrup on bacon and sausage.
21. I got my fake ID confiscated when I used it to try to get into a bar where the girl whose identity I was borrowing worked.
22. I don't drink alcohol.
23. I was once hit by a car, albeit a very slow moving one, while riding double on a bicycle.
24. I once hit a lady with my car in a grocery store parking lot. She was fine, but her eggs and bread and my ego were not.
25. When I am alone in the house, it is always silent - no TV, no music, no nothin'. When traveling by myself, I never turn on the TV in the hotel room.

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2halves said...

Are facebook people lazy?!

All the bloggers are doing "40 things"...I feel cheated!


And on a totally unrelated I the only one that pronounces, out loud, the word verification thingy?