Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Fives

I didn't do Friday Fives last week because they were about money and seemed much too similar to the winning the lottery questions from a few weeks ago. This week the questions are just boring. I'm not really feeling good about the decision to join the Friday Fivers. Maybe I will give up the Pinocchio dream of being a real boy, er.. real blogger and make this my last Friday Fives. Unless, of course, they get more interesting. Anway. Here goes:

1. What are your favorite smells/scents?
Rain in the summer. Apple pie in the oven. Browning ground beef. Peach scratch-n-sniff stickers. Bubble-gum scented erasers shaped like roller skates.

2. Do they bring back memories for you? If so, what?
I no longer have my bubble-gum scented roller skate eraser, but I do remember sniffing it in Mrs. Dieter's fourth grade class with much the same vigor as the seventh-grade boys sniffed glue. And the peach scratch-n-stiff stickers were scratched and sniffed well past the point of offering up that oh-so-yummy cloying smell. I loved fourth grade.

3. What are your least favorite smells/scents?
Pickles. Vinegar. Cat pee.

4. Do they bring back memories for you? If so, what?
Vinegar - my mom used to clean the coffee pots with vinegar. She did this very early in the morning on the weekends. Very early! I'd still be asleep and would be woken up choking for air. My kingdom for some fresh air! The only option was to get up and leave the house immediately, probably still in my jammies.
Cat pee - My super-awesome in all other ways kitty, Al, used to pee on our leather couches quite regularly. I don't know what the problem was, but it has since been solved. It made Pat so very, very angry. I believe Al owes his life to some higher power that somehow had a hand in controlling Pat's homicidal tendencies and protected Al from being taken to the highway during rush hour and thrown out the car window.

5. What are your favorite perfumes/colognes?
I'm not a fan of girlie-pew or manly-pew.

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