Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Fives

Well, the Friday Fives weren't stupid this week but that's only because they weren't ever posted! I went through the archives until I found one that seemed fun and easy. I like the light and fluffy ones. Too much thought is required for questions like "If you ruled the world for one week, what changes would you make?" So, here we go...

Theme: Attack of Randomosity!

1. What is something you collect? Why?

Dogs and Pet Boys. Why? Probably because I require a lot of attention.

I'm sure I have covered my affinity for dogs adequately on this blog. Pet boys, maybe not so much.

Definition of Pet Boy: A single guy who enjoys my company, is available to entertain me whenever I am bored and who will accompany me to things that my husband can't or doesn't want to go to. In return, he gets a girl to boss him around. It's a very symbiotic relationship.

Pat doesn't play Scrabble. No problem, I've got a pet boy. Pat doesn't want to go to a disco Halloween party? No problem, I've got a pet boy. Pat doesn't want to enter a dance contest? No problem, I've got a pet boy. My friend, Kiri, calls hers a "back-up boyfriend", but I prefer my terminology. Like pet dogs, it seems as though three is the maximum number of pet boys that I can handle at a time. Unlike dogs, pet boys don't always offer lifelong devotion and they end up needing me less as they get involved in serious relationships. So, I guess I'll keep collecting new ones.

2. If you could make one ice cream flavor, what would the ingredients be and what would be the name?

Vanilla ice cream, chocolate dipped waffle cone bits, ribbons of caramel and ribbons of marshmallow. Mmmm. There once was a flavor like this called Coney Island Waffle Cone that they don't sell anymore. I don't really like the name but I'm too lazy to make up a new one.

3. What can't you go a day without?


4. What position do you sleep in? *back, right side, left side, stomach...ETC*

I can sleep in almost any position as long as my feet are not trapped in the covers. If the sheets are tucked into the end of the bed, I have to pull them out before I can sleep.

5. What is your typical morning routine before work/school?

Let the doggies out. Shower/dress/etc. Feed the doggies. Feed the kitty. Eat cereal and read the newspaper at my spot at the table. Both Pat and my roommate have been yelled at for trying to take my spot. It's MY spot. No TV. No music. Quiet, quiet, quiet. Let doggies out again. Brush teeth/put on mascara/etc. Put doggies in their crates and give them treats.


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