Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Top 5 Birthday Countdown

Today is Laura's half-birthday. In honor of this almost-momentous occasion, I bring to you the Top 5 Birthday Celebrations. You already know about the MOST FUN BIRTHDAY ever and about Laura's actual birthday trip to Slide Rock so I won't count those, even though they'd definitely make the list. Nothing could beat out a Trapeze Birthday!!

Number 5 - Hockey Birthday
You know you have good friends when you can get a large group of people to play roller hockey for your birthday. You know you have a great group of friends when you can get them to do it outside in Phoenix. In the afternoon. In AUGUST. We rented out an outdoor roller hockey facility and played for a couple hours. By the end of the session, everyone was so hot that we all got naked. (Not really, but it sounds good and the picture on the right supports the idea...)
Number 4 -Steven's (aka Crime Fighter's) 40th Fighting For Birthday Justice
The text of the evite stated:
Mild-mannered computer geek by day, daring superhero by night. You too can be a crime fighter like our favorite forty year old. Come strategize against your arch-nemesis while learning how to dodge a bullet. What more could you ask for on a Sunday afternoon? If you are able to join us (in the name of birthday justice) we'll provide the party, equipment, and pizza. You provide the fun.

My NFBF and I came to the paintball party dressed in our super-hero best, ready to fight for birthday justice and to provide the fun.
T-shirts made for the occasion:
Nothin' hotter than a girl with a gun...

Number 3 - Pat's White Trash Birthday
This wasn't exactly planned, but it was executed well. It started out innocently with me taking Pat to breakfast at Waffle House. It escalated from there. By dinner time we had compiled a large group of white trash friends for a traditional white trash birthday dinner - in costume, of course - at Old Country Buffet. Sadly, I don't think anyone at the restaurant thought our attire was unusual. Hopefully someone there at least looked condescendingly upon Molly's hair. Could someone get that child a brush? I'm pretty sure she was barefoot, too. Aw, hell yeah!! Ripped jeans, tank tops with bra straps showing, cut off t-shirts, ratty hair, trucker hats, many dirty children, flannel...we got it covered. Well, not the beer belly in the too-tight t-shirt. That wasn't covered.
Number 2 -Troy's Rollerskating Birthday
It wasn't a costume party, but for me...well, you know. Just give me a theme and I'll give you a costume. You say roller skating, we say Xanadu! And if we say Xanadu, we really mean it. We didn't buy Troy a gift, but we gave him the best present ever:

Pat is such a good sport. If I make the costume, he'll wear it with no argument. Even when it includes short shorts and a rainbow shirt.
And the Number 1 Birthday Celebration is....(well, it will be...)
Pat's 40th Cruisin' Birthday! Pat turns 40 in March and Travel Troupe plus a few more will be joining Pat in his favorite activity - relaxing on a cruise ship. Well, Pat will be relaxing. Those of us who don't relax so well (primarily the girl-half of Travel Troupe) will be playing lots of games in the vicinity of Pat's relaxation. Will there be t-shirts made for the occasion? Will there be dance routines? Of course there will!!!! Duh.


Vickie said...

Those sound like GREAT birthdays! Will you do a Xanadu birthday for me too?? And better yet, can I do the dance with you?? ha!

Elaine said...

Yes, let's make shirts and learn a routine! Put a ring on it?

Elaine said...

PS. I've never had anyone quote me back to me! (When Harry Met Sally.)