Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nothing Says Romance Like a Trip to the Grocery Store

Alternate Post Title: Nothing Says Romance Like A Threesome and Some Whipped Cream

Ah....Valentine's Day. Romance, romance, romance. Hearts and flowers. Cupid and his bow. Or not.

Not surprisingly, I did not get the spa day that Pat did not know that I wanted. I did get a bag of tootsie rolls and a funny card - so that was good.

The plan for Valentine's night was to go to the hockey game. The NFBF's were to join us. Christy and I took off in the morning to hike Trail 100 and left the boys with instructions to take care of getting tickets. Trail 100 is over 10 miles long which meant that we'd be gone for quite a while. The boys had plenty of time to accomplish this task.

Unfortunately, they decided that we'd just get tickets at the box office when we got there. I guess they didn't realize that the Calgary Flames always sell out here. To be fair, we usually get out tickets at the box office - buying upper level seats and sitting in the lower level because the arena is so empty. But anyway...we get all geared up in our jerseys (red for Valentine's Day!) and drive out to Glendale only to find that our options are tickets for $100 each or standing room only. Nope to both. Scalpers? Nope, nothin' there either. Ergh. Wasted trip. Wasted night.

I admit to being a little grumpy.

But never fear. Our Valentine's Day was salvaged by a trip to the grocery store!! Why did we go to the grocery store, you ask? Well, to buy a Valentine's Day staple....whipped cream....for a threesome....
Your imagination can do the rest. Bow-chicka-bow-wow.....

Oh...get your mind out of the gutter. We made fried ice cream and watched the game on TV. Pat and Christy fell asleep before the end of the second period. Oh, and the Coyotes lost. Again. All in all, not the greatest of Valentine's Days.

But our hike was pretty cool! And I love tootsie rolls! And fried ice cream, too.

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Elaine said...

A bag of Tootsie Rolls and a funny card sounds romantic! At least he remembered? And to be honest, the fried ice cream and whipped cream sounds quite tasty! I approve of any celebration, or regular occasion, that centers around desserts!