Sunday, February 22, 2009

Get Lots of Rest and Drink Plenty of Fluids

I'm sick. Yuck. I should be getting lots of rest and drinking plenty of fluids.

It started on Friday at work with a very sore throat. By Saturday morning I was full blown sick -- the sore throat was still there and was joined by a headache, whole body muscle aches and the dreaded runny/stuffy nose. I considered staying in bed. For about 2 seconds, anyway. Then I got up and went hiking with Christy.

Christy and I are planning to do the Seven Peak Challenge (hike the Phoenix's seven highest peaks in one day - Squaw Peak, Camelback, South Mountain, North Mountain, Papago, Shaw Butte and Lookout Mountain) if they have it again this year. If they don't have it, we'll do it on our own. To prepare, we are going to do them all at least once first. On Saturday we did three of them. We did Squaw Peak:

North Mountain:
And Lookout Mountain. We didn't take a picture at Lookout Mountain. Oops. The total trek was five miles with an elevation gain of 2,279 ft. I felt okay while we were hiking, but when we finished I was more tired than I would normally have been.

Sick and tired people should get plenty of rest, right? I did try to rest in the afternoon but I just couldn't sleep. So I got out of bed and went to Petsmart and Target instead. Ugh. I may never get well.

Saturday night I did my best to infect all my friends with my sickness. I'm a generous kind of person, you know. I hosted a game night and breathed all over everyone. I did keep my promise not to stick my tongue down their throats, though. By the time everyone left, I felt like a weak, sickly shell of myself. And yet, I still couldn't sleep!! My nose was too runny and too stuffy and I was too achy. Then I made a very big mistake - I took some Nyquil-type medicine. I don't know why I always trick myself into thinking this is a good idea. Maybe because it does help with the cold symptoms, which is great, but it always leaves my mind reeling uncontrollably. I'll get a thought in my head and it will repeat over and over until I'm just about ready to scream. Then a new thought replaces the original thought and repeats. And this cycle repeats. And repeats. And then finally it is light outside and I can get up - unrested and sicker than I was before. I will not share with you what my crazy thoughts were, but believe me when I say they were filled with the crazy. And I was quite relieved when morning came. I was also very tired and very sick, but relieved. Ugh. If I can't get any rest, I may never get well.

We had no Sunday soccer today so I made plans to spend the day with Pat. We decided to drive down to Picacho Peak near Tucson to go hiking. The genius plan in this was that I can always fall asleep in a car! Yay! I was finally going to get some rest- at least an hour on the way there and an hour on the way back. But, today...not so much. I still couldn't fall asleep. Sleep is so elusive right now that I am literally day-dreaming about how good it would feel if I my eyes would just stay shut for more than 2 minutes. Ugh. I may never get well.

Though my plan for a car ride nap didn't pan out, the plan for hiking did:
We also visited the Casa Grande National Monument, which strangely is in Coolidge and not Casa Grande.

When we got home I tried to take another nap. And again...I couldn't fall asleep. So I took the dogs for walks, cleaned the pool and then played Scrabble with Craig. And now it is 10:30 on Sunday night. I have been awake for 2 straight days. I feel like hell. I'm going to bed now. Please, please, please let me fall asleep.


Elaine said...

From the first school I taught at, in Coolidge (yes I drove that far each day to work) you could see the top of the Casa Grande monument. Very Arizona. I felt like I was out in the middle of nowhere!

Do you think that perhaps exercising instead of chillin on the couch with a video was a good idea? Good greif you are going to be 0 lbs.

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L said...

So far I have survived from spending time with you on Saturday!

And Picacho Peak is so much fun. Did you get to do the trail with the chains and ropes?

Go sleep, you need to be well for soccer tomorrow :)