Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mo's BFF

Mo and Frankie are almost friends. Not quite BFFs, but almost friends is pretty good for now. Last week, they shared a dog bed.And today Mo, in her excitement at my arrival home, even initiated a little bit of play:
Georgie and Mo? Not friends yet. I believe Georgie may be secretly holding a grudge after the last two fights that Mo started. Or maybe not so secretly. Dirty looks behind Mo's back:

I love taking pictures of Mo. She follows me around all the time and as soon as I stop moving she sits and stares up at me. It's like she's using that one blue eye to laser-wire thoughts directly into my brain. If she was a normal dog I'd think she was telepathing "Treats. Treats. Treats. MoreTreats." But not this one... I'm pretty sure she is saying "Pretty, pretty please get rid of Georgie. I am your everything. You need only me. I am your BFF."
"Ok. And you could maybe give me a treat, please. And get rid of Georgie."

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Vickie said...

That one photo of Georgie behind Mo's back is a crack up!! Mo's got that Aussie stare down pat though. She definitely is part Aussie. Georgie should be thankful she's not full Aussie -- Georgie would be toast as once you have an Aussie, that is ALL you really need in your life! :)