Thursday, June 11, 2009

Battle of the Sexes

Book Club Game Night....Battle of the Sexes...whatever.

First we played Catch Phrase. The girls won the first round quite handily. I believe a girl may have commented something to the effect that boys should know better than to take on girls in word games. And thus, karma came and bit us on the ass. The girls then, very quickly, lost the next two rounds. How embarrassing. Next time we'll have to take Jimmy's advice and play a game that requires a little more skill than luck.

Oh wait... we did take that advice and played Pictionary. And we beat the boys. Wow! Did we beat the boys! It was almost sad. (Ok, no almost about it. It really was sad.) Happy *winning* girls:How could the boys have lost so badly? I wish I had a picture of the zebra Jimmy drew. No one guessed correctly, possibly because it didn't have a head! Jimmy claims he can't draw heads. What? C'mon...a circle. 2 dots for eyes. A "u" for a mouth. Done. After we gave him this lesson, his next word "Wolfman" was only a big head. A circle. 2 dots for eyes. A "u" for a mouth. And not surprisingly, none of the boys guessed what it was. It was about this time that Jimmy left the game and fell in love with my TV.I'll give you another example of how the game went. This was an All-Play round.

This is what the girls drew: it a fork? Yep. Fork is the second word? Yep. Umm...pitch fork? Salad fork? Salad fork! Yay!!

At the same time the boys drew this:
And the girls still beat the boys on this round. Sad!

Another example of why the boys lost. This drawing is of "Make-up". For those of you who know Jamie, you should know that he was honestly trying to draw make-up, but's not surprising that what he came up looked a (click for a larger view):

And speaking of things looking a little drrrty. This? What's with the leash?
Ok...this was taken right before they leashed up Sarah's little pup Buckley to take him home. I didn't get any pictures of the little guy - probably because he spent most of the night hiding from my dogs on the top step of the pool. Smart little guy knew that no one was gonna get him there!!

I'll let you all make up your own story about this one:

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