Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm Too Sexy For Your Party

I'm too sexy for your party...too sexy for your way I'm disco dancing...

I may not disco, but I will do some Bollywood Dancing. And some Burlesque. And some Belly Dancing. Throw in some pole dancing and a hula class... and you have an Express MiE sampler day. It was a blast.

Express MiE is a dance studio in Tempe that offers classes for women. Saturday was a free day for people to come out and give them a try.

The Bollywood class was a hoot! Elaine, Irene, Grace and I participated. We learned a very goofy and fun dance.Nicole joined us for the Burlesque class. It was also a hoot. We learned a routine that incorporated taking off a pair of (imaginary) gloves. It was all very sexy, of course! Can't you tell from this picture?

Belly dancing sucked. It was rib isolations and shoulder isolations and hip isolations and chest isolations. Yeah, right. No part of my body does any sort of isolating from the other parts of my body. (This certainly isn't to say that my body parts work in conjunction with each other either...)

The pole dancing was really just one spin on a pole and then a demo of all the cool tricks and spins you would learn if you signed up for the six week class. The hula class was entertaining. Elaine took a hula hoop dancing class (not to be confused with my hawaiian hula class.) Irene took Zumba. They also offered a Yoga Booty Ballet class that I wish I had chosen instead of belly dancing.

If the studio weren't so far away from me I'd sign up for all the classes. Well, except for the belly dancing, of course!

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Elaine said...

I signed up! I have taken ballet and Zumba. I cannot wait for the Happy Feet tap class. But I'll have to...for one more week. Tonight I'll be at the spa! Two days of exercising in a row equals a massage!