Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mini Updates

  • I have an agility trial in Prescott this weekend. I've practiced with Frankie twice in the past two weeks. The first time, he was 100% the best agility dog you have ever seen! Better than all the dogs on ESPN. He was a vision of athleticism and intelligence and willingness to please. This is the Frankie that no one gets to depressing. The second practice, he was 100% Frankie. Jumped off some contacts, blew off the weave poles. The usual. I was pleased actually, because it gave me the opportunity to work on correcting some of these bad habits. (What am I talking about?? I don't know how to correct his bad habits...or it would have been accomplished by now!!) I wonder which dog I'll have this weekend?
  • Last Saturday Pat and I took the boat out to Bartlett. It was sort of last minute and as such, I couldn't wrangle up any of my friends to go with me. I keep telling myself that the "no" responses I received are actually not a true indication of people's feelings about me. Since the boat was going to be relatively empty, Pat allowed me to bring a dog (in his truck AND on the boat!! Wow!). Since he was being so generous, I let him pick which dog. He chose Georgie. She did great on the boat! She was a little nervous when we'd go really fast or hit a big wave - that caused her to dive under a chair for protection. But overall, she has the potential to be a good boat dog. We wakeboarded a little bit, but it was so windy that the lake was really choppy. It was an accomplishment just to stay upright!
  • My 20th high school reunion is coming up next month. I am not going. I am wondering how I got to be so damn old, though.
  • I am participating in 3 upcoming adventure races: Extreme Heat Coon Bluff, the Gilmore Adventure Race and for my birthday, the Oyster Race, which is Denver and is being attended by those of my friends who like me enough to travel with me!
  • I've been seeing LOTS of movies this year. Jamie and I regularly go to $1.50 night at the cheap-o movie theater. We've seen lots of horrible movies (Knowing- quite possibly the worst movie ever, Twilight, Bride Wars, Tom Cruise-in-an-Eyepatch) but the last movie we saw was awesome! If you have the opportunity to see Crank II, by all means, TAKE IT! It was great! Just don't bring all your brain cells with you...some of them might be put off a bit.
  • Something crazy is going on in Phoenix. It's June 18th and it has yet to get really hot. It's bizarre.
  • I'm spending the 4th of July weekend hiking the Grand Canyon and camping at the bottom. I'm guessing the full Arizona heat will finally hit that weekend!

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Molly said...

Good luck this weekend! I *always* have a bad class/practice right before trials where we do well, so take it as a good sign :)

Seriously on the weather - I keep checking down there and thinking it's not bad at all yet! Enjoy it while you can!