Monday, June 29, 2009

Book Club Social Club

I heart my book club. Yes, it's true. They are smart, witty, charming and oh-so-social. If it wasn't for Sarah, our very own cruise director, I would never try new restaurants or go new places.

A couple weeks ago we went to Cheuvront for the May/June birthday celebration. We had yummy cheese and a waiter who was (a little too) fascinated by our conversation and Andrea's cleavage. He gave us free desserts. Yee haw!!

Robyn and Sarah:
Me and the birthday girls, Andrea and Elaine:
Kiri and Cathleen were there, too, but our group picture is not flattering for anyone, so I'll refrain from posting it.

This weekend we went to KazBar to celebrate Grace's second-to-last visit to Phoenix. KazBar is hard to find, hidden behind some other restaurants in Old Town Scottsdale. It's so trendy that it doesn't have a sign with its name anywhere.
I'm not opposed to trendy and they serve a plate full of sausages, so thumbs up from me!
They also serve a HUGE bowl of olives for only $4. Quite a bargain.

Grace enjoyed the wine flights.
Elaine enjoyed the chocolate fondue... a little too much - spilling it all over her shirt. Kiri broke her shoe. Good god, we're a mess. Usually we only embarrass ourselves by being extremely loud and having other guests request to be reseated. This time we outdid ourselves!Here they are channeling their inner-Jamie's. (I believe he's started a trend! The crotch point! It's sweeping the nation!) Really - we outdid ourselves!
Some random quotes from the evening:

"What the fuck: ponies!"
"Sarah Fenske! We should mate!" (This was shouted by one of the girls.)
"Everybody knows that you don't kill a white chick."
"I'd never been to a small town. I'll be a frontierswoman."

Yeah...we are fascinating.


Kiri said...

I love us. Exclamation point!

Elaine said...

My shirt, that I had never worn before, is at the dry cleaners. They weren't hopeful. That's the price you pay for being a high flyer in the Phoenix social scene. Where next, Sarah? Trader Vics? They have Brazilian nights with music! I loves me some Bossa Nova. And P.S. I'm totally feeling the Grace vibe. I think she needs to commit to regular visits. Perhaps on the second Tuesday of every month?

Sarah F. said...

I forgot who wanted to mate with me! damnit ...

PS I do love Trader Vics. seriously, elaine, I am so there. just name the date.