Monday, June 1, 2009

Memorial Day BBQ

More than once I've been told that "BBQ good". I tend to agree!

The NFBF's missed us so much while we were away camping that they invited themselves over for a BBQ on Memorial Day. It was yummy and fun.

Boys like to eat!The grown-ups:

The kids: The kids are getting really tall! They are only 9 and 10 and they are almost as tall as me. I feel so short.

Now I REALLY feel short.
The dogs enjoyed the BBQ too. They are always a bit wary of the children, but eventually they are won over by oodles of treats and play time. Miranda ran them through all their tricks and then threw the ball for them until they got tired. They were happy!

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jme said...

Okay Jill-

Who is this NFBF?!?!? I'm starting to get pissed!! I always see this guy... with his face blurred out... and I can't tell who he is!! And he's your best friend? The weird thing is... I'm actually in some of the pictures with him... standing right next to him!! Bored Game Night! Ping Pong Tournament Night!! HE WAS EVEN IN MEXICO!!

Conspiracy Theory #1: I think you have a magical Leprechaun that lives in your pocket... then you pull him out right before a picture is taken. Wait!! Can Leprechauns be 6 ft tall? I don't know!! But I do know this... when I figure out who he is... I'M GONNA KILL HIM!! Or maybe just steel his pot of gold!!

Anyway... can anyone help me? Who is this 6 ft-blurred out-Leprechaun?!?!?!?