Saturday, June 7, 2008

Busy Builder

About 2 years ago I bought some agility equipment that required assembly. When I picked up the goods, I had a bunch of shrink-wrapped bundles of PVC. It looked awfully confusing and I was feeling awfully lazy, so I just stored the bundles on the side of the house.

A few weeks ago we had a late Thursday night hockey game and Pat was taking a nap. I needed something to occupy my time and keep me awake until 9:40 pm when we could finally leave for the game. I wanted to practice agility with Frankie, since Thursday is usually my class night, but alas, I had no equipment...

I opened up the bundles of PVC and set about putting them together. It was kind of fun - like a puzzle without a box lid to look at. Part of the challenge was that I had no idea what each PVC bundle was supposed to be. Was it a jump? Weave poles? Did this bundle go with that bundle? I didn't even remember what or how many pieces of equipment I had bought. Oooh, a mystery!

I admit that a few times I had to go online to see what homemade agility equipment was supposed to look like, to help me figure out what I had. In the end, I had 2 jumps, a set of 6 weaves and a tire jump. Add a little hockey tape to the poles and voila!

Now if I can figure out how to get Frankie's attention away from the birds that fly low and land on those branches right above his head, maybe we can do some training!

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Anonymous said...

You have mad skills.
My oldest girl is training her nintendeo ds dog on agilitly to be just like you.