Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This Doesn't Count Towards My 15 Minutes

It doesn't count as fame unless your name is mentioned or your likeness shown. Neither happened for me this time, though I was sitting next to fame in this story by my friend, Sarah Fenske. Sarah is a very talented journalist at the Phoenix New Times. In addition to her column, she also contributes to the New Times blogs. This one in particular is about the going-away dinner for our friend, Grace.

Sarah's usual writing is a little more hard-hitting than the food blog. Her usual topics cover a lot of politics and political brew-hah-hahs involving sheriffs, attorney generals, congressmen and drunk (or not so drunk) drivers running afoul of our very strict drunk (or not so drunk) driving laws. Check out all of her articles here. Read a few, read them all! There are 104 of them to date, so you'd better get going!

Since I tend to shy away from politics and political brew-hah-hahs, my favorite article was the one about her getting a dog. Buckley is that dog and he is also that cute little border terrier I posted a picture of a few days ago. And since I know Buckley I feel that I am, yet again, very close to fame.

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