Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mini Updates

  1. My husband is on a cruise with the guys this weekend (yeah, yeah, I know). Every once in a while I enjoy the freedom of a weekend alone. Last night Nicole brought her puppy over to play. Then I stayed up late reading. In my own bed. With the dogs! As they say...when the cat's away...

  2. How much would you pay for a good night's sleep? How about close to $5,000? A bit steep, maybe? I think it's a fine price to pay. Last week our air conditioner fan broke and it was HOT. We had fans and the windows open, but it was too hot to sleep. Now that we have gone significantly further into debt with the purchase of a new AC unit, I'm sleeping much better.

  3. I really miss my NFBFs. I would like them to come home now.

  4. Scarlet (the name stuck) is doing very well. She's learned to sit, she's pretty close to perfecting down and she had a blast playing with the puppy last night. Today she ever-so-sweetly took a nap with her nose resting on the kitty's back. Awww, so cute! Of course, she was tired from countless hours of trying to swallow the kitty whole.

  5. I spent $50 on a dog brush. I've heard all about the FURminator, but just couldn't bring myself to believe the hype. Now I have to say: Believe The Hype! The money is worth it! I spent hours today brushing every animal in the house. I couldn't believe how much fur was hiding there. Crazy. Now I've got svelte, non-shedding pets. Until tomorrow when I brush them again - just for the fun of it!

  6. I did quit hockey - sort of. I am on the sub list so if I get a hankerin' to play, I can still do so, but I am off the core roster. The deciding factor came in the last game of the season, after I had already been responsible for 4 goals against. The puck was dropped on a face off to the left of our goalie. Both centers hit the puck at the same time causing it to go straight up in the air. A big part of hockey is instinct and acting on that instinct. The correct instinct in this case would be to swat at the puck with your glove and knock it away from the opponents. My instinct - that I acted on - was to duck and cover. Because it might hurt if a slow-moving puck hit my helmet?? How embarrassing. The puck landed at my opponent's feet and he was free and clear to neatly flick it into the net. 5 goals against in one game is pretty conclusive evidence that I will never be good at hockey. And at that point, it ceases to be fun.

  7. This posting was supposed to be a numbered list, but came out instead with little flower bullets.


Elaine said...

Where did you get the background paper for your blog? And I'm still having trouble with the video uploads. Sending you a real email about it.

P.S. I just added Patty Jane's House of Curl to my fav. book list. It's also by Lorna Landvik. I wonder if you'd like since you gave her other book a "B".

Elaine said...

P.P.S. I just bought Twilight but gave it to someone to borrow. I'm still reading my beloved Julie Andrews biography. I haven't had much time to read lately. I get about two pages in and fall asleep. Twilight is coming to theaters in December.