Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More Puppies

As promised, here is a picture of my friend Sarah's little border terrier, Buckley. He may be coming with her to my house tonight for book club. Isn't he sweet?

On Sunday night I went to the dog park with my friend, Jamie. He brought Gia, his roommate's 4 month old pit bull puppy. These pictures don't do justice to her coloring - she is the same beautiful silver-blue as a weimeraner and her eyes are a color that I don't know the name of - kind of a translucent green. She made sure to say hi to every person at the dog park and was voted Miss Congeniality. Her best dog-bud of the evening was Spike, a 5 month old Great Dane (who, incidentally, drinks by sticking his entire head into the water bucket). Gia is very energetic and playful, so my only hope of getting a picture of her face was when she stopped to itch:
Wrestling with Spike:

On Friday night my friend Nicole brought over Spinato's - my FAVORITE pizza. Almost as exciting as Spinato's - she brought Violet. Violet and Scarlet wrestled for hours. They were only interrupted by the multiple occasions of Violet falling into the pool. Most dogs panic and flail around when they fall in the pool, but not Violet. The first time she went in head-first while getting a drink of water. She was so much the opposite of a panicked dog that instead of flailing, she very calmly sank, heading head-first to the very bottom of the pool. The humans started to panic but before we could act, little Violet righted herself and calmly swam back up to the surface where we directed her to the steps and she got out on her own. The instinctual love of water is definitely present in this Lab! I'm pretty sure the other 10 times she ended up in the pool that evening weren't really accidents, only designed to look that way. Here is a picture of Violet and Scarlet wrestling. Please notice Georgie in the background. She is guarding that tennis ball. She is trying a decoy effect, hoping that by creating some distance and then looking non-interested, she can again lure Violet into her trap: Violet approaches the ball, Georgie attacks. Fun for everyone! Well, except Violet.
I believe Scarlet has chewed off Violet's head:

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