Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Meet the NFBFs

One of my best friends has made it very clear that he is not to be named or pictured on my blog. In light of this I have christened him my Nameless Faceless Best Friend, or NFBF. After 15 years of friendship, I thought I knew everything about him, but maybe my NFBF has something to hide that I don't know about. Hmmm. I'll have to do some investigating! His wife, my other best friend, has not been quite so clear but out of respect to the male half of the couple, she will share his new moniker.

The reason that I bring up the NFBFs today is because I am missing them dreadfully. Every year at the beginning of June they take their NFBF offspring on vacation. This year, in addition to the usual result of leaving our soccer teams scrambling for a goalie and sending my life into a general malaise without their presence, Mrs. NFBF has left me the job of taking care of her foster cats.

The plan was for the kittens to be returned to the shelter before their vacation, but the kitties weren't quite big enough to go up for adoption. Every day I walk over to the NFBF house to feed and play with the kittens and Mama Cat. Tired of being torn to shreds as they climb up my legs, I have trimmed all their little claws. None of the kittens enjoyed this one bit, but since I am no longer coming home with multiple itchy, allergicly-reacting scratches all over my legs and hands, I feel that the kitten-torture was well worth it. I have brushed Mama Cat to get rid of the tangles that grew into her fur from neglecting herself while taking care of her babies. (So, Mr. and Mrs. NFBF - rest assured that all is well in your absence.)

Eight more days til their return. I am counting.


Lemonade - An Event Company said...

This post has me stumped. What a mystery friend you have there.

Anonymous said...

I am puzzled as well.
Who would not want to be in your blog?!
And you stil watched the damn cats.
If you want I will take care of them around June 11th. Just say the word.