Sunday, June 8, 2008

Maven Sessions

Come on girls! Maven Sessions are coming to Phoenix! If you want to learn to wakeboard or learn to be a better wakeboarder, this is for you. I have registered for the clinic on Monday, August 25th in the afternoon. Who's joining me? Register NOW because they only take 6 people in each time slot. (Edited to add: If you want to know how this went, read all about it HERE)

From their website:

Maven Session Event Details

The Maven Sessions are a nation-wide tour of wake sports clinics for women and girls taught by the Maven Pro athletes. We invite all ages and levels to join us! This will be the 3rd year of the tour and it keeps getting better! Last year’s tour we met over 800 ladies ranging from ages of 4 yrs old to 61 yrs old. We taught a few girls their first inverts and got hundreds of beginners up on a wakeboard for their very first time. Our goals in the Maven Sessions are to grow your confidence on the water, teach you proper body position to help you progress, educate you on board shape and design, and to help you network with other local girls who love to ride.

I am very optimistic that this is going to be me very soon:

Event Recap HERE

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Elaine said...

I've never done it but I can water ski. I'm not afaid to land in water- just on hard land...far below! How much? And will there be a spa day following?