Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mini Updates

  • Soccer is dangerous. First, a big guy set a pick on me (which is cheating) and I ran right into him and fell down. I got up, a bit steamy, went around him and to the ball. I kicked a half second too late and a little too hard and I ended up with my legs tangled in the other player's. She got all ball and I got all sport court - with my left hip and my left hand. Owie!! Now I've got a slight limp, a bruise on my butt and I can barely lift anything with my left hand. My current ailments are left heel, right knee, left hip, left hand and the list keeps getting longer.
  • Soccer is dangerous, part 2. I limpingly played the game immediately following my collision with the ground. A guy on the other team kicked the ball very hard and very high. It flew towards the ceiling above me and I covered my head expecting it to hit a rafter and careen directly onto my noggin. Then there was some excited yelling. And down from the ceiling crashed a fluorescent light tube, shattering at my feet. Yikes.
  • We have a hummingbird nest in one of our trees out front. My friend Christy saw it one day when she came over to take the dogs hiking (how nice is that, btw?). I don't know how she saw it - it is so tiny. Here's the tree: Here's the nest:
  • At first it was kind of humorous, but this dress alike thing is getting pretty old. Today:
  • For our last book club we read "Seven Types of Ambiguity" by Eliot Perlman. The food theme was, appropriately, ambiguous foods. Elaine brought this interestingly ambiguous green something-or-other. Smoothie maybe? And I drank it! And it wasn't terrible.

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L said...

I have a soccer limp too! It better be gone by Sunday, but for now it is amusing.

And that falling rafter beam was frightening. It's a good thing Jamie was there to fake save you.