Sunday, June 15, 2008

I Love Wakeboarding!

Pat and I spent the day at Bartlett Lake today with our friends Laura and Brad. This was the first time we've been out on the boat this season. I was reminded again how much I love wakeboarding. Our boat doesn't have a tower, so we wakeboard from the waterski hitch. We are very ghetto. I thought about using my gift from George and Uncle Sam towards installing a tower on the boat, but decided that putting the money towards our trip to Brazil would be a smarter decision. When our finances start to turn towards a surplus, Pat and I can think about getting a new boat. In the meantime I plan on enjoying the lake as often as I can with what we've got. Our crappy boat runs and it goes fast enough to pull us, so that is good enough for now.

And before I can think about towers and new boats, the first thing I really need to do is get over my fear of getting hurt and try some new things. My goal is to learn to switch my feet. I normally ride with my right foot forward. Towards the end of last season I tried to switch to left foot forward, but I wasn't paying attention to keeping the top of my board out of the water when switching, so the tip went under and I smacked face first into the water so hard that I was convinced I'd have two black eyes and a concussion. Luckily, I was not injured but I did end up with a severe aversion to trying it again.

I did manage to pull off a new trick today. I don't know what it's called (I really need to start hanging out with wakeboarding people who can teach me these things), but I balanced my board on top of the wake for a few seconds before crossing over. It was way easier than I thought it would be. The wake kind of scares me (Are you seeing a theme here?), so this was a major accomplishment.

I think part of what I like about wakeboarding is the fact that it scares me out of my wits. And even though it scares me, I'm still out there doing it. Every second I'm still standing is a huge thrill for me. Most of the time I'm out there, I'm screaming or holding my breath convinced I'm going to die. I love it!


Lemonade - An Event Company said...

Wow! You look super cool. If you think you are a scaredy cat, I must be a real wimp.

Lili said...

you make a really cute lake girl!

Anonymous said...

For your wake boarding picture all you need an apricot scarf to think this song is about you.

Diamond Girl said...

Are you calling me VAIN with my hat strategically dipped below one eye? Or are you saying I look like Kate Hudson? Obviously, it's the Kate Hudson option!