Monday, March 23, 2009

The Best Part of a Cruise Ship is Getting Off a Cruise Ship - Cabo San Lucas

Alternate Post Title: Pat's B-Day Cruise, Part V

Our last stop was Cabo San Lucas. So pretty. I've been to Cabo a few times, but I've never gotten out to this beach. The cruise ship doesn't dock in Cabo- you have to take little boats to get to shore. It makes things a lot more difficult and there is a lot more waiting. We had to be back on board the cruise by 2:00 pm (last shuttle left at 1:00), so it was a very short day. Therefore there wasn't time to do my excursion and go the beach. Sad.

On the shuttle boat on our way to our excursions:Elaine, Jamie, Laura and I were off to swim with the dolphins (on my list of things to do before I die) and NFBF, Christy and Pat were off to learn to sail aboard an America's Cup yacht. Steven was supposed to do that one, too, but he was ill and in bed, poor guy.

The excursions involved a whole lot of hurry up and wait. We were rushed onto a shuttle, cutting in front of lots of waiting people, to make sure we didn't miss our activities. But when we got ashore we were forced to wait a long time before our groups left.

Waiting... Waiting...
Waiting...(It looks like Craig might have some competition for the coveted position of Pat's boyfriend)Finally our groups were taken to the dolphins and the yachts at Cabo Adventures. They offered us wetsuits. They told us it was optional, in case we might get cold. It's a good thing we chose the wetsuit option as the water was super chilly! Or maybe it's a bad thing we chose the wetsuit option because it led to this picture:

Our dolphin group:
Our introduction to our dolphin, Risho. He splashed us and squeaked hello.

After the introduction, we all got to pet Risho. Dolphins feel very much like a rubber spatula - a VERY muscular rubber spatula.
Dolphin kisses (awww, he loves me!):
Dolphin poses (isn't Risho a sweetie??):
Dolphin rides (this was actually kind of strange and not as fun as it looks):

Then we took turns dancing with Risho. When you spin in a circle, he spins in a circle, too.
Yay for swimming with dolphins! I am now one step closer to dying happy!

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