Monday, March 30, 2009

Frankie Refutes Doping Allegations - Tests Clean

Frankie has refuted all allegations of doping prior to agility trials. For today's trial, he tested clean. And better yet, he ran clean! Why is this dog smiling and why are his ears so big? I have no answer to the second question, but in answer to the's because Frankie is the proud recipient of a brand new Beginner Jumpers Title!! Yee Haw! He Q'd and came in first in his jumpers run! He also Q'd in his standard run. He would have Q'd in the gamblers run if I didn't get all confrazzled and lose track of time. It was a stellar day.

Like in all sports, if there is not a doping scandal, then there must be a judging scandal. It's always something. I have some doubts that Frankie's standard run was clean. It looked to me like he jumped off the A-frame without touching the contact. The judge (obviously not a French judge) may have seen a toenail touch from her angle because no fault was called. On the other hand, Vickie's dog was faulted for a missed contact and she had no doubts that a paw was firmly on the yellow. We decided that she gifted me her contact and took my fault as a pay-it-forward kind of karma. Thanks, Vickie. Good karma is coming your way!


Molly said...

Congratulations on the new title!!! Was it DOCNA?

2halves said...


Good weekends are sooo much better than crappy one, yeah? :-)

Diamond Girl said...

Yes, it was DOCNA. And yes, good weekends have a way of restoring one's faith in dogs and agility and life in general. :)

Karissa said...

love that picture