Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mini Updates

  • This Saturday is the Desert Rage Adventure Race. Storming the Castle will be just me and Irene this time. The race includes kayaking. My experience with personal watercraft is pretty limited - ocean kayaks in Hawaii in 1999 where I let Pat do all the work and the scary canoe experience from the last Desert Rage where we came within a fraction of an inch of tipping. This time we have individual kayaks, so somehow I am going to have to figure out how to steer that puppy to the finish line. I can barely steer a bike and a bike has handlebars!! Irene, please have patience and please don't kill me (which assumes that I don't kill myself in the river).
  • Mo has been sick. She's had a relapse of the terrible tummy issues she suffered right before the cruise. It was so yucky that she was banished to the backyard and became an outside-only dog for a few days. I don't do outside-only dogs. So for two nights in a row, I brought my pillow and blankets and slept on the porch swing in the backyard so I could be with her. She was awesome. She slept right next to me on her little bed, calm as could be. Frankie and Georgie...not so much on the awesome. They didn't know what to make of sleeping outside. They would snuggle in on the swing with me and be almost asleep and then, what's that?! Is it a bird?! A cat?! An imaginary nothing?! They'd leap off the bed and run around like crazy. I was ready to give them both some Valium so we all could get some sleep. Mo is on antibiotics now and feeling much better.
  • I rode my bike (Jamie's bike) to work again this week and last week. I really enjoy it. Now I'm in the market for a road bike of my own.
  • I've got two more cruise postings to go and I'll finally be done.
  • It looks like Hockey Troupe is going on a reunion tour. We are gathering the gang and signing up for a Thursday night roller league. A big fat "URGHHH!" to the fact that I gave away all my roller gear a few years ago.
  • I've seen three movies recently! Whoa...I might top my 2008 tally. I've seen Twilight, Tom Cruise In An Eyepatch and Bride Wars. I hope you can tell by the movie selections that we are taking advantage of $1.50 Tuesdays at the cheap-o theater.
  • Another book club happy hour = another fabulous quote: "I would never date a guy who believes that midgets live in colonies!" Seriously. Of all honesty, neither would I and I would hope that you wouldn't either.

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