Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mad Props to a Bitter, Bitter Friend

I interrupt the installations of Pat's B-Day Cruise postings to inform you that Nicole, aka Mrs. Cookie, author of WorldO'Cookie, is a bitter, bitter friend.

My facebook status reads: Jill Diamond's new shoes were comfortable this morning. 5 blisters later...not so much on the comfortable. Nicole's response: Serves you right, that is what happens to those who don't give mad props to those who deserve mad props.

Wow! What kind of friend sides with the evil shoes? Especially when the evil shoes caused the blisters because of walking to lunch with said friend? Oh yeah... the BITTER kind.

You can also sense her bitterness in this very sarcastic comment on my Being Famous on a Cruise Ship post: Wow, what a fabulous t-shirt idea. How did you ever come up with such a clever, yet simple thing??

So to ease her bitterness and get her back to her usual sweetness and light, please allow me to offer MAD PROPS to those who deserve it. Here it is, folks....


I asked for her opinion and suggestions on the cruise t-shirts and this was her reply to my email (corrected for spelling and capitalization): Only other thing I have is you all (except for Pat) wear 'I heart Pat' shirts made to look like the I heart NY shirts. Clean and simple.

Isn't she a stunning genius? I think so!! Clever, cute and insightful, and all other things wonderful. I bow down to her. I heart Nicole!!! Mrs. Cookie - two words: You Rock! And seven more words: Now will you please shut up? Jeez! Oh, and you'd better update your blog now that you're going to get so many hits from all my oodles of readers!

Check her out folks! You can find her at worldocookie.blogspot.com.


Lemonade - An Event Company said...

Oh Jill, you make me blush. You really didn't need to notify the world of my silly (amazing) idea. Anyone (genius) could come up with that.

Anonymous said...

You mean she is the person who thought it was a good idea to have the word "Pat" put on a shirt.
So people would walk up to the 12 of us and ask "Who is Pat?" or walk over to you husband and pat him on the head or back. Next time two more words for the "Pat" shirt.
"I am". The shirt should say "I am Pat" and so the rest of us won't have to answer "Who is Pat?" hundreds of times. Bitter...props...genius...amazing...missng two words...most famous group on the cruise...all of the above. Thank you Mrs. Cookie.

Anonymous said...

Ummm... Hold on a second!!!! Where are my props???? I DESIGNED the shirt (found the font and heart and EVERYTHING) AND came up with most of the idea for the other one!!! Where is my praise????

Lemonade - An Event Company said...

Just to clarify, I had nothing to do with Pat's shirt at all. Just the cruisers. Thank you and good night.