Monday, March 16, 2009

There Is Lots of Food on a Cruise Ship

Alternate Post Title: Pat's B-Day Cruise, Part II

They say you'll gain two pounds a day on a cruise. It's very easy to see how it could happen. I certainly ate A LOT!

Mmmm, Princess Love Boat cake:
and Creme Brulee:And multiple orders of crab legs!And more dessert!
And so many yummy choices that you can't pick just one. Our super-cool waiters, Victor and Norberto, were blessedly non-judgmental when we each ordered multiple appetizers, entrees or desserts... which we did almost every night.

The best part of the two -pound-a-day "problem" was the Cookie Guy. I LOVE the Cookie Guy. He came around every afternoon...definitely my favorite thing about the boat experience!!
Seriously yummy. Mmmmm!!! Chocolate chip cookies and milk!!!!!
Don't forget the buffet! (Ok, so there is only fruit on my plate in this picture, but that's because it's my second helping. The first plate had cream puffs, pancakes and bacon! Mmmm, bacon!)
Everything is yummy, even in port. Mexican food (yeah, yeah, I's just called "food" in Mexico) in Puerto Vallarta:

I ate A LOT, but we also exercised a lot! Of course, it helps to be genetically wired to be unable to sit still...

7 a.m. runs every day at sea:
Walking two miles with high wind resistance:
Daily ping pong tournaments:Playing in the ocean:

and dancing non-stop for hours:

We went to the gym a few times, too, but no one thought it photo-worthy to take pictures of us doing crunches!

Abs like Jamie's:
(Wow, that water sure is blue!)


Lemonade - An Event Company said...

Are you f@*king kidding me right now? Absolutely no doubt about it, you have a 12 pack. Ok, I might be motivated to do crunches too if I had a pack of any kind. Keep showing me these, they almost make me want to get off my lazy arse.

Anonymous said...

dude, your abs CANNOT be for real. You did that with a marker, right? RIGHT??

L said...

That dancing picture is fantastic! The teeny boppers must have been quite impressed with our spur of the moment dance routine.