Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Funniest Place on a Cruise Ship

Alternate Post Title: Pat's B-Day Cruise, Part VI

It turns out that the funniest place on the Sapphire Princess was the hallway on the Caribe Deck outside room #237 right about midnight. Maybe this can be chalked up to late night slap-happiness. I prefer to think it's because I have the most hilarious friends ever!

(Caveat: I understand that many times humor is situational and this is probably one of those times. But this blog is my diary and I want to remember how much fun the Caribe Deck hallway was, so please excuse me if the humor does not translate. I probably had to be there.)

Pat's wasn't the only birthday we celebrated while on the cruise. Irene's birthday was on March 11th. NFBF, Christy and I undertook the mandatory task of decorating her door the night before her birthday, late after she had already gone to bed. We met in the NFBF's room to strategize. There aren't too many things to do when you only have leis (given to us by the cruise staff) and hockey tape (why did NFBF bring hockey tape on a cruise?) to work with. We decided to spell out Irene's name on the door. We layed (lei'd) everything out on the bed first so we wouldn't have to do any talking in the hallway. The doors were decidedly NOT soundproof!

When we were all set, we very, very quietly went into the hallway and started decorating. NFBF handed me leis, Christy cut the tape and I silently taped them in place. Doing anything clandestine in the middle of the night always brings about the giggles, but we were being quite successful at giggling silently. Taping. Giggling. Cutting. Taping. I lean in to tape another lei and the door opens! Irene is standing there with dirty plates to set out in the hall. I scare the shit out of her, she scares the shit out of me. We look at each other - mirror images of surprise, her holding plates, me holding a taped lei high in the air. I quickly shut the door. NFBF then just as quickly reopens the door, takes the plates out of her hand and shuts the door, leaving her still standing in her entryway in shock.

And this is all it takes for us to break down in hysterics. I would like to apologize to the Fabigs and anyone else with rooms in our hall that night who may have been trying to sleep. I'm sure our uncontrollable laughter was very annoying.

We were almost under control when an older lady came by. She LOVED our work! SO creative! Where did we get the materials? She would LOVE to do this for her travel companions. To this NFBF replied "It's not as easy at it looks. We are trained professionals!" which started us in again with the hysterics. We laughed until we cried and then laughed some more. (Like I said, you probably had to be there.) Trained professionals! Ha! More like punch-drunk goofballs with an unusually high thumb to finger ratio! Yeah, it's not as easy at it looks to create this artistic masterpiece!

We gave the inhabitants of the hall a night off, but the following evening the giggles again hit the Caribe hall around midnight. It started out with the giggles hitting in Jamie and Laura's room. I don't know how exactly it started, but it looked like this:
After we figured out how much stuff we could stack on a game board balanced on our noggins while sitting on the bed, we tried to stand up and walk.

Laura was the best stacker.
It was impossible to do this without laughing.
Frick! I laughed too hard and lost it all right before I made it out the door. For some reason the chivalry of Jamie holding the door for me while I balanced deodorant on my head struck me as incredibly funny.
Turns out that Jamie's bald head was the best for balancing. He made it out the door....

And down the hallway. Some frat boys walked by and were VERY impressed. Then one of us commented that Jamie could work as a room service delivery guy. Knock, knock. "Pardon me sir, but did you order some sunblock?" And next thing you know, we are again laughing like lunatics outside room #237, this time with the added bonus of crashing deodorants and lotions. Again, my apologies to those of you who were trying to sleep!

After that, the kids had nothing left with which to entertain me (and really what could top that?), so it was time to pack up all my toys and walk back to my room...

More Funny....though it didn't happen in our hallway in the middle of the night, it was pretty funny to come across a sleeping Pat and Steven and take pictures of them without them waking up.These boys sure know how to relax!


L said...

Jill... you need to include the picture of the lady in Puerto Vallarta who was balancing the juice glasses on her head. THAT is where the idea began. Jamie randomly put the game board on his head and said he needed juice glasses. Since we were lacking juice glasses, I immediately grabbed everything off the dresser that looked worthy of Jamie's balancing act!

Vickie said...

You guys are nuts!! Sounds like a complete blast though! And I'm very impressed with your door decorating skills. Extraordinary use of color – definitely looks like the work of professionals!!